Location is more important than risk

Here’s some good news for Nordic countries. A study named Iceland as the least risky place to put a data center, with Norway, Finland and Sweden also in the top five. The UK and the US had both dropped: they were at numbers nine and ten respectively, having fallen from the top two positions when the study was last done.

But what do we mean by risk - and how important is it when we are siting a facility? This report, from US property management company Cushman and Wakefield, is free to download, and is based on a mathematical formula for it that takes into account factors including power, bandwidth, political stability and natural disasters - so we can at least see how a real estate player sees risk.

Source: Datacenter Dynamics
Article: http://www.datacenterdynamics.com/content-tracks/security-risk/risk-doesnt-trump-location/96590.article