Lower energy tax for data centers

Sweden’s Riksdag (Parliament) this week approved a lowering of energy tax rates for data centers, as part of the decision of approving the Swedish Government’s budget proposal for 2017.

The decision equates data centers to other, similar industrial activities which already pay the lower energy tax of 0.005 SEK per kWh (0.0005 Euro).

The new tax scheme applies to datacenters which are operated as independent entities and have an installed capacity of at least 0.5 MW, measured as installed effect of IT equipment, excluding cooling facilities. Once that threshold is exceeded, the lower energy tax applies to all energy consumed by the data center.

The tax change will gain legal force from January 1st, 2017.

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Source: Business Sweden
Article: http://www.business-sweden.se/en/Invest/inspiration/investment-news/lower-energy-tax-for-data-centers/

November 25, 2016

Data center

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