EcoDataCenter invests in land in Falun for new data centers

EcoDC AB, the company behind EcoDataCenter, acquires land from Falu Energi & Vatten in order to develop data centers for customers demanding maximum up-time performance and minimal environmental impact together with low cost of operation.

Falu Energi & Vatten has for some years worked on developing climate-efficient data center solutions in Falun. Now this cooperation enters a new phase, as EcoDC acquires land in connection with the Västermalmsverket combined heat and power plant in Falun. The total acquisition represents about 25 000 m2 industrial land.

– Data centers is a fast-growing business in Sweden, and represents an important export opportunity, not least thanks to the new lower energy taxes in Sweden for outsourced data center operations, says Lars Thunell, Chairman of the Board at EcoDC AB. Our cooperation with Falu Energi & Vatten, where we buy energy but at the same time recycle the heat generated in our data centers to the district heating system, means that we get a solution that is both good for the environment and offers very low operational cost. Using energy that is solely from renewable energy sources, as well as efficient heat exchangers for cooling, EcoDataCenter will be the world’s first climate-positive data center. This means we have a very competitive product for a market with high demand growth, and where we already have advanced discussions with many Swedish and international customers.

– We are of course very pleased about the investment decision from EcoDC. We have cooperated for several years, and when the data centers are operational EcoDC will be one of our largest electricity customers, says Per Dahlberg, CEO of Falu Energi & Vatten. The fully integrated energy solution, where the heat generated is returned to the district heating system, also means that we can lower our CO2 emissions, which of course is positive for the environment and for all the people of Falun. The new employment opportunities that both the construction project and the data center operation represent is a further positive effect.

– We hope that this new business will both strengthen our existing local business community and attract new investors to our city, says Linda Wallin, Business development manager for the municipality of Falun. That we soon will have a climate-friendly data center is yet one more argument for doing business in Falun. The investment is also very much in line with our vision of ”A greater Falun”.

Susanne Norberg (S) is the Mayor of Falun. She, too, is very positive about the new data center venture.
– Sweden has become attractive for this type of business development, and it feels good to see that we were competitively positioned and that EcoDC decided on Falun. Here in Falun we have the facilities and the competences to develop a business that is both unique in the world as well as climate friendly. This is good for Falun’s attractiveness for further business investments, for our labour market and for our environmental activities, says Susanne Norberg (S), Mayor of Falun.

EcoDataCenter is the only provider in Sweden that can offer the highest system uptime performance level, Tier 4, and this also applies for the new facilities in Falun.
– We know that many businesses under-estimate the risks of their existing IT systems, says Lars Schedin, CEO of EcoDC AB. Even if an IT system is down for just a minute or so, this can have dire consequences for the business, and many systems might take hours, or even days, before they are fully restored and back to normal operations.

Data centers have been labelled Sweden’s new core industry. The category grows by 10 to 15 % per annum internationally. Thanks to Sweden’s combination of low-cost electricity, climate-friendly and stable energy production facilities, favourable climate conditions and a high degree of computer literacy, there are good opportunities for Swedish companies to meet the rapidly growing demand for data center services, not just in Sweden but throughout Europe.

Source: Eco DC press release

February 3, 2017

Data center | Falun

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