Power briefings - Data centers in Sweden

On 1 January 2017, the Swedish Government lowered the energy tax for data centers dramatically by 97%, resulting in the lowest price for electricity in Europe. Gain insights from leading datacenter players in Sweden and industry experts on how Sweden can partner with you in a establishing a cost effective presence in Northern Europe.

Power briefings - Data centers in Sweden took place in Washington, DC on February 14, at House of Sweden and in Silicon Valley, CA on February 16 at Ericsson Experience Center.

Vattenfall, one of Europe’s largest generators of electricity gave strategic insights into the energy market, future contracts, renewables and details of the new energy tax. Rick told us that Sweden built the first 400 kV-line in Europe and explained with the new tax cut you can save up to 30-50% in a 10 MW datacenter.

Telia Carrier one of the largest fibre-optic network operators in the world updated us on connectivity and fiber costs. Mattias concludede that the Nordics are more connected than ever with an international reach and that connectivity will never be your problem when locating datacenters in Sweden.

Digiplex, offering green housing from renewable hydro and wind sources spoke about their expereince in Sweden for data centers. When selecting a Nordic data center partner, a US firm should look for access to continuous innovation, deep skills and total transparency regarding cost of power. Byrne Murphy stated that a US firm deploying 12MW over 10 yrs will save $100+ million by placing their data center in Sweden vs in the UK – just based on the difference in the cost of power.

Ericsson, a world leader in mobile networking and telecommunications shared details on their state of the art, sustainable, data centers which reduces CO2 by 90%.

Photo: Karl Mellon, Business Sweden, Rick Abrahamsson, Vattenfall, Thomas Olsson, Ericsson Experience Center, Mattias Fridström, Telia Carrier, Lars Tisén, DigiPlex at the Ericsson Experience Center February 16. Photographer Annika Lehes

Source: Business Sweden
Article: http://www.business-sweden.se/en/Invest/industries/Data-Centers-By-Sweden/News-archive/powerbriefings/

February 16, 2017

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