Siljan Timber invest in its Blyberg mill in Sweden

Siljan Timber installs dry sorting intake and a stick handling system at its Blyberg mill in Sweden. In order to increase the capacity of its stick handling system and meet current capacity and quality requirements, Siljan Timber in Blyberg, Sweden, is investing in solutions from Renholmen. A dry sorting intake and a stick handling system will be delivered and commissioned during the summer.

“The existing equipment is worn out and can no longer meet current requirements. Furthermore, there have been technological advances, and more modern solutions are required if Siljan Timber is to increase its capacity and improve the quality of the timber it produces,” says Hans Eriksson, a member of the sales team at Renholmen.

In addition to the dry sorting intake and upgrades to the stick handling system, Siljan Timber will also increase the number of sticks, which will improve conditions for producing good quality timber.

The Siljan group is a business group with its core operations in the woodlands of central Sweden.

Source: Lesprom Network