Why every BMW driver is connected to Sweden

While BMW may be a German auto brand, it turns out that the ultimate driving experience includes a Swedish twist. The Local finds out more.
Question of the day: What does a world-famous German luxury car have to do with a town in Sweden's far north?

More than you might think. If you drive a BMW – or if you ever marvel at the sleek automobiles as they drive past – give a round of applause to Swedish data center technology.

“I heard that Facebook had servers in Luleå, northern Sweden, and it piqued my curiosity,” Christoph Schmid of BMW's central IT infrastructure tells The Local.

At the time, Schmid was scouting new locations for BMW’s data centers – a more integral part of the car brand’s DNA than many drivers may realize.

“BMW uses high-performance computing, HPC, for lots of calculations in the research and development stages,” Schmid explains. “It’s part of the engineering process for developing new cars and improving existing cars.”

Basically, before anyone ever sees a BMW, the model has been through hundreds of simulations and calculations.

“We do crash simulations and test fluid mechanics, for instance. Instead of making a real crash test where the car could be damaged, we can calculate impact via these simulations and make cars safer,” Schmid says.

Source: The Local - Sweden's News in English
Article: https://www.thelocal.se/20170822/why-every-bmw-driver-is-connected-to-sweden-dcbs-tlccu

August 22, 2017

Data center

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