Gamification = Motivation

This has to be the year where you’ve heard the word Gamification the most? Am I right?
So what is Gamification? Well, how many of you play games? You play on your smartphone, TV or computer - or maybe you play games on all of them. Anyway, it is something most of us do, we just love games. The "gaming world" now includes almost all of us, and that’s really cool! We can all be a part of it!

So, why not use games in our daily work? Or in line at our local grocery store? Or when you're driving a car and want to use as little gas as possible? Gamification is used to increase engagement and it can be applied in many different kinds of industries. A simple example would be to enable the users of a system to earn different rewards, by collecting points when performing tickets or tasks. Gamification can also be used for educational purposes, where users will be able to quickly learn a system without reading from a manual, and get feedback faster. There is a bunch of different examples - and if you have more fun at work, then creativity and efficiency increase!

An example on how Tension work with gamification is Stora Enso Skutskär. Stora Enso wished for “something” that kept the employees motivated, more focused and excited at the pulp manufacturing plant. They wanted to modernize their system for ease of use, and be more attractive to young people applying for jobs. And those new employees and substitute workers also had to find their way around the factory maze. And let’s not forget the safety issues! All this sounded like a real challenge.
To help them stay on top of their game, Tension developed a gamification project together with Stora Enso’s Fiber Departement Manager Lasse Aspelin. The result is an interactive 3D map of the factory's all pipes, machines and people, with routine information and any emergencies clearly displayed on a big screen. In the near future Tension hope to add more exciting things to the project so that the employees can start to earn rewards, get feedback quicker and to have more fun at work!

Source: Tension