Google has acquired property in Avesta

We can confirm that Google has acquired 109 hectare property in Horndal, Avesta Municipality. Avesta is proud and happy to be chosen as the preferred location of Google.

Avesta has a long tradition of being one of the key industrial cities in Sweden. Our history and geographic location in the heart of Sweden, excellent infrastructure and access to a skilled workforce in the area have been important ingredients presented to the company. When working to secure new business to Avesta, we pride ourselves on our credibility and trustworthiness, on always being professional and quick to take action, and this has very much been the case in this project.

While we are very happy with Googles decision to choose Avesta, as we understand it there are no plans to build at present.

We therefore refer any other questions regarding the site to Google.

Source: Avesta kommun

October 13, 2017


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