Taking a load off the environment with SSAB EcoUpgraded

At SSAB, we are convinced that good environmental stewardship also drives good business. We are firmly committed to reducing our own carbon footprint and that of our customers. We take action in many different ways – as a signatory to the UN Global Compact, through our membership in environmental research projects and organizations, and by improving our own manufacturing processes, procedures and policies.

But perhaps our most important effort stems from collaborating with customers. With our SSAB EcoUpgraded program, customers can upgrade to high-strength steel and reduce the weight of their equipment, improve fuel economy and extend product lifetime – all factors that have a major impact on reducing their carbon footprint.

Source: News Cision
Article: http://news.cision.com/ssab/r/taking-a-load-off-the-environment-with-ssab-ecoupgraded,c2727068

January 30, 2019

Steel | Borlänge

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