EQT acquires Dellner Couplers

EQT acquires Dellner Couplers, a global leader in train connection systems for passenger rail.

EQT to acquire Dellner Couplers, a global niche market leader in couplers, gangways and adjacent products for passenger rail rolling stock. EQT will support Dellner and the management team with further investments in R&D and innovation initiatives, and accelerate global growth by leveraging EQT’s strong industrial expertise and network of Industrial Advisors. Dellner Couplers contributes to society by developing products that promote safe and sustainable public rail transportation.

Source: EQT Partners
Article: http://www.eqtpartners.com/news/Press-Releases/2019/eqt-acquires-dellner-couplers-a-global-leader-in-train-connection-systems-for-passenger-rail/