Microsoft acquires land in southern Sweden for datacenter development

Microsoft confirmed today that they have acquired land in the municipality of Staffanstorp outside of Malmö in southern Sweden from a private real-estate developer. The company confirms that the intention is to construct a datacenter facility on the site.
The announcement demonstrates and reconfirms that Sweden is an attractive and competitive country for international companies to expand and grow. Microsoft has been active in Sweden since the early 1980’s and is a recognized leader and innovator in the technology sector.

“We are very pleased that Microsoft has decided to move forward with this site in Staffanstorp, which will complement their facilities in Sandviken and Gävle just north of Stockholm”, says Tomas Sokolnicki, Investment Advisor at Business Sweden. “Our role is to identify opportunities for international companies to invest and expand in Sweden, and this decision proves that we have relevant offerings for datacenter projects across the entire country.”

Sweden’s central location in the Nordics, combined with its large base of multinational companies, a thriving start-up sector and a large public sector all driving digital transformation, provides an attractive growth platform for technology-driven companies and makes the country one of Europe’s most ideal locations for international companies to invest in or expand their operations.  Evidencing this, Sweden is the 2019 EU Innovation leader.

“Sweden has long-term ambitions around sustainability and digitalization, with industrial-grade conditions for datacenter establishments. Microsoft has been a valued part of our tech ecosystem for 35 years and we look forward to building on that relationship in new ways around the datacenter establishments”, adds Sokolnicki.

Efforts to support and facilitate the site selection process and acquisition of the property have been a close collaboration between Business Sweden, Invest in Skåne and Staffanstorp municipality.

Ulrika Ringdahl, Managing Director at Invest in Skåne, is happy to welcome another tech company to the region: “This is part of our long-term strategy to highlight Southern Sweden as a leader in innovation and tech competence. Our region has a long history of engineering, science and education, resulting in a rich ecosystem of innovative technologies, companies and collaboration. Our hope it that this investment will bring new jobs and skills into the region.”

August 23, 2019

Data center

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