Investor services

The Invest in Dalarna Agency assists and informs foreign investors about business and investment opportunities in Dalarna. Companies planning to establish or expand business in Dalarna can obtain information and assistance from Invest in Dalarna Agency and its regional and international network free of charge and with full confidentiality.

Our services cover the entire investment process – to ensure long-term investments with sustainable economic growth:

  • We provide comprehensive information on business opportunities in Dalarna, key business sectors, etc.
  • We help to identify investment opportunities in Dalarna that match your interests.
  • We provide decision support services to help you make an informed choice among the available opportunities in Dalarna.
  • We assist you with the practical issues involved in carrying out your investment in Dalarna, such as introductions to relevant contacts with authorities, utility providers and professional
  • Service companies in Dalarna such as lawyers, accountants, relocation specialists and recruitment companies.
  • Tailor-made information and practical advice on how to proceed when setting up a business in Dalarna.
  • Assistance in finding and visiting the most suitable locations in Dalarna.



Establishment guides

Below is a collection of establishment guides specially designed for foreign investors. These contain detailed information on what to consider in the establishment of a business or in the operation of existing enterprises in Sweden.

Starting a business

Starting a business in Sweden – an introduction
Skilled professionals, smooth business procedures and receptivity to international owner-ship make Sweden an easy country to operate in. …
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Starting a private limited liability company
A limited liability company is the structure that foreign enterprises most often use when setting up business activities in Sweden. Inves…
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Starting a branch
A foreign-based company can begin business activities in Sweden without opening a subsidiary by starting a branch. The branch is legally …
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Starting a franchise business
Sweden presents ample opportunities for international franchisors. Franchising is a well-established business model, especially in the re…
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Mergers and acquisitions – opportunities and process
Attractive business opportunities, high transparency and uncomplicated legal and regulatory procedures underpin Sweden’s attractiveness t…
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Running a business

Running a business in Sweden – an introduction
Skilled professionals, smooth business procedures and receptivity to international owner-ship make Sweden an easy country to operate in. …
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Corporate taxes in Sweden
Sweden’s tax structure is transparent and efficient and designed to meet the needs of international investors. Companies can benefit from…
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Commercial leases and rents
Swedish commercial leases tend to be standardized and for relatively short periods, providing flexibility to business tenants. The physic…
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Buying and building commercial and industrial property in Sweden
Swedish property law protects the interests of all parties – investors, creditors, tenants and the public. It strikes a good balance betw…
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Business costs and prices of key services
Sweden offers an economical business cost environment, including competitive salary rates for highly qualified staff.
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Employing staff – contracts and conditions
A range of different employment forms, including contracts for trial periods, offer flexibility to employers. Clear and transparent rules…
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Social Security and pensions
Sweden offers a framework of publicly funded social provision, ranging from pensions and healthcare to parental allowances and employment…
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Tax relief for key foreign employees
Sweden operates a tax relief scheme to help companies attract top international expertise to their Swedish operations. Certain key foreig…
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Work and residence permits
International companies in Sweden may look to transfer staff from one part of the group to Sweden or to recruit new employees from anothe…
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