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Extremes create a perfect balance.

In Gagnef, the calm Österdalälven River flows together with the rushing Västerdalälven River and forms the mighty Dalälven River. Two extremes that are mixed and create balance, which is also a good illustration of life in the municipality.

The rivers wind through the historic cultural landscape, consisting of fields, forests, summer pastures, dark red village clusters and many small towns. Nature creates an oasis for relaxation and recuperation. There are lakes for swimming and fishing, cozy cafés and a rich cultural life here, at the same time that the business climate is vibrant and pulsating, with many successful companies and very low unemployment.

“It’s clear that we like to collaborate”

Gagnef is an attractive municipality both to make a home and to run a business. Many successful businesses call it home and it’s clear that we like to collaborate. The municipality and the business community continuously arrange breakfasts and seminars where entrepreneurs work together to develop the municipality.

Here, everything is nearby.

It’s not just the desire to collaborate that creates a creative and thriving business climate. The municipality’s advantageous location makes it possible to easily travel to and from the municipality, not just in Dalarna, but also out in the world. Dala Airport is nearby and both Stockholm and the mountains of Sälenfjällen are less than three hours away. Moreover, the main route E16 passes Gagnet, which creates good connections with the port of Gävle and Oslo, the capital of Norway.

The multinational company 3M has, among others, established itself in Gagnet to conduct research and development and make welding helmets, respiratory protective equipment, ear protectors and grinding products. We also find the ventilation company Dalab AB, the maker of windows, fittings, panels and flooring Moelven, and the wireless communication and radio control specialists Åkerströms here.

An annual destination for thousands of hip young people.

The Gagnef festival, or “Skankaloss” as it’s also known, is the little festival that every alert young person in Sweden’s three largest cities is talking about. The festival began as a 30-year anniversary, but is now significantly more public than that. DJs, artists, painters and party-goers flock here to dance and work together next to the beautiful Dalälven River over a weekend in July.



Industries: Wood & house production, Manufacturing industries
Main Town: Gagnef
Villages: Björbo, Dala-Floda, Djurås, Mockfjärd
Airport: Distance to Dala Airport Borlänge 30 kilometers
Roads & Highways: E 16, RV 70, RV 71
Railroad: Yes, Dalabanan
Broadband & Infrastructure: Well functioning
Power & Water Supply: Well functioning

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Municipality of Gagnef
Business Department

Mr. Tomas Kristoffersson,
Head of the Business Department
Phone: 0046  241 154 89

Key companies in Gagnef