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Openness to new ideas creates a strong belief in the future in Borlänge.

Borlänge is the county’s most important industry and retailing city. Welcome to a municipality where the commodity-based industry with international actors combined with constant openness to new ideas has had a unique impression on the community and its residents.

A given site for industry, retailing and culture.

Traditionally, Borlänge has been characterized by heavy industry, mainly in steel and paper. These industries are still here today and are very important to the community, as well as the whole Dalarna region. The industries are dominated by steelmaker SSAB and the forest industry group Stora Enso – two international companies with origins as exciting as their plans for the future.

The Kupolen shopping center is a given shopping destination for many residents of Central Sweden. The cupola-shaped building hosts around 85 stores, several restaurants, a conference facility and a hotel. On the other side of the main road, you can find the Norra Backa shopping center with another 17 department stores. The establishment of IKEA in 2013 has made Borlänge an even more popular destination for eager shoppers, even those from beyond Dalarna’s borders.

“Borlänge’s musical treasure has become renowned throughout Sweden”

Borlänge’s musical treasure has become renowned throughout Sweden, and many of the artists the city has produced have also hit it big outside of Sweden. Over the years, Borlänge’s musical wonder has been expressed in the form of the Peace & Love music festival, which during the years has offered a diverse and remarkable rooster with artists like Bob Dylan, Jay-Z and Patti Smith. Over the years they have drawn hundreds of thousands of visitors from throughout Sweden. The visitor gets a unique experience where music, meetings and social engagement are in focus.

A platform for innovation

Dalarna Science Park is a stimulating and developing environment that offers knowledge-intensive growth companies infrastructure, networks and business development. It is a meeting place between people, ideas, knowledge and creativity, and forms a platform for major innovation and development projects.

Regional logistics hub

Dalarna is Sweden’s fourth largest export county, which means frequent transports of the county’s product volumes. The majority of all products exported from Dalarna go through Borlänge, where one of Sweden’s bigger national freight yards is located. Borlänge is also the home of the headquarters for both the Swedish Transport Agency and the Swedish Transport Administration, which further strengthens the municipality as an important transport and logistics hub.

Home town to Somalia’s national bandy team

Few people probably believed that Somalia would get a national team in bandy, and that it would all begin in little Borlänge, Sweden. The story began as a visionary integration project, a unique project in its category. The national team was approved by the Federation of International Bandy and was able to begin its journey to its first world championship, in Siberia. The project shows that anything is possible, at least with the right people behind the wheel and with a supportive and progressive society. Everything was filmed and resulted in a documentary that was a hit throughout Sweden. Now the film will be sent out to embassies and consulates in 70 countries to inspire creative integration projects.

Curiosity about the future attracts people to Borlänge.

Framtidsmuseet, the Museum of the Future, which Borlänge Municipality was the initiator of, was inaugurated in 1986 and is a center for science and technology. The museum mixes interactive exhibitions, planetarium programs and experiment workshops with continuing education for teachers, seminars and lectures. The goal is to stimulate interest in science and technology, mainly among children and young people.

Industries: Steel, Paper, Retail
Main Town: Borlänge
Villages: Idkerberget, Ornäs, Rämshyttan, Stora Tuna, Torsång, Tuna Hästberg
Airport: Dala Airport
Roads & Highways: RV 50, RV 70, E 16 Borlänge is the regional road hub
Railroad: Dalabanan & Bergslagsbanan. Borlänge is the regional railway hub
Broadband & Infrastructure: Well functioning
Power & Water Supply: Well functioning

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