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Innovative ideas create a bright future in Borlänge

Borlänge is the county’s most important industrial and retail city. Welcome to a municipality known for a strong industrial tradition, internationally known musicians, and beautiful nature.

A given site for industry, retail, and innovation

­­­­­­­There is a breadth in enterprise here, from small entrepreneurs and medium-sized growth companies to large industries and government agencies. The ironworks has been an important part of the development of Borlänge, and steel producer SSAB has become the world leader in the manufacture of high-tensile steel. Today, most jobs are in retail and technology companies.

The Kupolen shopping center is a shopping destination for many residents of Central Sweden. The cupola-shaped building hosts around 54 stores, 14 restaurants, a conference facility and a hotel. Near Kupolen, Borlänge also has the Norra Backa trading area with IKEA and 19 other stores.

Perfect logistic location

Communication is important for future development, and Borlänge is a vital transport node centrally located in Sweden. National Highways 50 and 70 and the E16 expressway meet here. The railways of the Dala Line, the Bergslag Line and the Västerdal Line also converge here – at one of Sweden’s four marshalling yards. Borlänge’s strategic location also entails good transportation links to the ports of Gothenburg and Gävle and larger cities, such as Stockholm, Uppsala, Västerås and Örebro.

Innovative business environment

Dalarna Science Park is the innovation arena for the whole of Dalarna and a hub for national and international networks. Located in Borlänge, they work for sustainability, innovation and internationalization that contribute to the attractiveness and business growth. Dalarna Science Park is home to a highly renowned business incubator, and it is an arena for development projects critical to Dalarna’s future.

More than a hundred languages are spoken in Borlänge – a city enriched with various cultures thanks to its diversity.

Global expertise

Dalarna University is a popular university with many international students, teachers, and researchers. The university collaborates with its surroundings in several different ways, in Dalarna, the rest of Sweden and internationally. Through collaboration, real challenges facing businesses and other operations become interesting and stimulating projects for both students and researchers.

In Borlänge, there is the 2047 Science Center, a knowledge hub for schools, higher education and enterprise. The science center mixes interactive exhibitions, planetarium programs and experiment workshops with continuing education for teachers, seminars and lectures. Among other actors, such as Borlänge Science Festival, the 2047 Science Centers goal is to stimulate interest in science and technology, mainly among children and young people.

Borlänge has renown musical treasure

Musicians such as Miss Li, Mando Diao, Sugarplum Fairy, Jussi Björling and Claes Yngström are just a few of the famous artists from Borlänge. Over the years, Borlänge’s musical wonder has been expressed in the form of the Peace & Love music festival, which has offered a diverse and remarkable mix of artists like Bob Dylan, Jay-Z and Patti Smith.




Industries: Steel, Technology, Retail
Main Town: Borlänge
Villages: Ornäs, Stora Tuna, Torsång, Romme, Gimsbärke
Airport: Dala Airport
Roads & Highways: RV 50, RV 70, E 16 Borlänge is the regional road hub
Railroad: Dalabanan, Västerdalsbanan & Bergslagsbanan. Borlänge is the regional railway hub
Broadband & Infrastructure: Well functioning
Power & Water Supply: Well functioning

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