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Employment opportunities and open-minded approaches attract even more people to Vansbro Municipality

Like many other rural municipalities, Vansbro works hard to attract new residents and has done so successfully. With its motto, “It should be easy to do right”, the city has seen growth in new business establishments in recent years, and it is listed among Sweden’s best business climate cities

A small city with high ambition

One of the key factors that leads to positive economic and social development in Vansbro is the mindset. The municipality’s leadership team has a strong will to enable changes by facilitating business activities, attracting young people to join the workforce, reside in the city, and proactively collaborating with local and regional partners to drive transformation. The municipality of Vansbro has gained respect from companies for its fast-processing time, shortened decision paths, and proper support to companies at the right time.

In Vansbro, there are sites available for new establishments and building projects; there is a well-established and healthy business environment with a well-educated young workforce with industrial and technological competencies. The municipality of Vansbro is well equipped with logical currents and high-speed broadband and is working hard to prepare resources to support the transition to a sustainable future.

Supporting companies to fly high and business to bloom

There are around 500 active companies in the municipality varying from retail, technology, industry, and services. In the past year, despite the pandemic, there has been an increase of 10% of newly registered companies in the last year compared with 2019. The surge is considered the highest in the past ten years in Vansbro.

Vansbro is home to a successful beauty chain Lyko, with an exciting history. Lyko is a beauty website that has reaped great success in recent years because of its quick and well-liked online shop and operations in neighboring nordic countries. The presence of Lyko in Vansbro contributes to fine transport logistics and retail in the municipality and creates enormous job opportunities for young people. Global companies such as Monark Exercise, Waltech and Orkla Foods have played an active role in the municipality’s economic development and connection with the international markets. Together with the other 500, these companies have contributed to a low unemployment rate in the city.

It should be easy to do right”, the city has seen growth in new business establishments in recent years, and it is listed among Sweden’s best business climate cities”.

A destination for physically active people

In Vansbro, there is a rich cultural and sports life, and beautiful, nearby nature with possibilities of exercise and recreation, hunting and fishing and berry and mushroom picking. There are miles of forests, large and small lakes and of course Västerdalsälven, which make Vansbro an excellent place for mile-long hiking and adventures. There is also great devotion among the municipality’s residents, which can be seen at the large annual events and in the rich association life.

Vansbrosimningen is Sweden’s largest, as well as Europe’s largest, open water swimming competition. Every year, around 16,000 people participate in the various competitions held during one week in July in Vansbro’s summer heat. Vansbrosimningen is a popular festival for both participants and spectators. Besides the open water swimming competitions, there are also triathlon, swim-run and country road cycling challenges.


Industries: Wood, Metal, Food industry, Retail
Main Town: Vansbro
Villages: Dala-Järna, Nås, Äppelbo, Öje
Airport: Distance Mora Siljan Airport 70 kilometers
Roads & Highways: E 16, RV 71
Railroad: Yes
Broadband & Infrastructure: Well functioning
Power & Water Supply: Well functioning

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Municipality of Vansbro
Norra Allégatan 30, Vansbro

Mr. Oskar Lundgren,
Business Manager
Phone: 0046 281 75254

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