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Welcome to Northern Europe’s largest skiing destination.

Malung-Sälen is a municipality long associated with skiing as the fantastic mountains offer perfect skiing conditions. The destination is now entering its next phase through the establishment of an airport of an international standard.

Sälenfjällen is Northern Europe’s largest skiing area and of course one of Sweden’s most important tourist destinations. Every day during the high season, 80,000 skiers blow down the 116 slopes and the destination has 1.5 million visitors a year. Året Runt i Sälenfjällen AB, with the market name Destination Sälenfjällen, is the joint development company for the tourism industry in the area. More than 100 companies and organizations work together to develop the destination.

“The destination has 1.5 million visitors annually.”

Scandinavian Mountains Airport

The destination is growing and to improve accessibility to the mountain region, plans are being made to expand the existing airport at Mobergskölen. The project is a private initiative and a unique collaboration between two countries, four municipalities, and four destination companies with 435 member companies. The area will also be the site of a new shopping center that will complement and strengthen the range of shopping, service and experiences. According to the plans, the airport will welcome its first guests in the winter season in 2018/2019.

Malung – an international leather metropolis.

Malung has an extensive history in leatherworking and the knowledge and skills are still here. It’s second nature and in the fingertips. Skinnfolket is the name of the cooperative body of which Malung’s many leatherworking companies are a part. Skinnfolket represents the whole chain of the industry: raw materials trade, wholesalers, producers, shops, craftsmen, repairs and modifications and, last but not least, a two-year educational program in design/leather fashion. Skinnfolket works to help the tradition, knowledge and skill in Malung to live on and to be passed on. Through cooperation and focused marketing, Malung has become a Leather Metropolis.

Fiskarheden – high-tech sawmill.

The family business Fiskarheden Trävaru AB was founded in 1923 and with its 125 full-time employees is currently one of the country’s largest sawmills. Since 1997, Fiskarheden is also a partner in the subsidiary Sälen Timber, a company that processes materials for the furniture industry, among others. The sawmill line went high tech in 1999, optimizing the raw materials and achieving highly accurate dimensions. Since the upgrade, saw capacity increased from 85,000 m3 to 340,000 m3.

Industries: Travel & tourism, Wood, Leather and textiles
Main Town: Malung
Villages: Lima, Malungsfors, Sälen, Sörsjön, Transtrand, Tyngsjö
Airport: Distance Mora Siljan Airport 73 kilometers
Roads & Highways: E 45, E 16, RV 71
Railroad: Yes, Bergslagsbanan
Broadband & Infrastructure: Well functioning
Power & Water Supply: Well functioning


Municipality of Malung-Sälen
Business Unit

Ms. Christina Holback,
Municipal Director
Phone: 0046 280 181 82

Key companies in Malung-Sälen