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Orsa is home to wild animals, folk musicians and robots.

In northern Dalarna, between mountains, lakes and forests, we find Orsa – a municipality that Swedes have long associated with wild animals and folk music. Now, the animals and musicians have been joined by robots, creating yet another draw to the naturally beautiful municipality.

“An 11.5-ton robot that can lift 2.3 tons, making it the world’s strongest robot.”

World’s largest robot.

Marab is a company from Mora that works with solutions for robots and automation solutions for the manufacturing industry. The company recently expanded its operations to Orsa, and is now putting the municipality on the world industry map with their new resident: a robot of 11.5 tons that can lift 2.3 tons, making it the world’s strongest robot.

Besides robots, Orsa’s business community is growing with more companies. The municipality has periodically had the largest rate of entrepreneurship of Sweden’s rural municipalities. The business community is small scale, but powerful and many of the companies gain strength and grow through collaboration and cooperation. Many companies also participate in development projects that extend far beyond Orsa.

Downhill skiing or wild animals?

The tourist destination Orsa Grönklitt in Dalarna provides the first taste of the mountain atmosphere, with everything you can desire from guaranteed snow and magnificent nature. The complete ski holiday for the whole family awaits here. Skiing on 23 slopes and 100 km of cross country skiing trails, activities and the Orsa Rovdjurspark zoo. Everything is nearby, just 330 km from Stockholm, with modern accommodations and a wide range of services within walking distance of slopes and trails.

Companies let you explore Orsa’s unique nature.

Nature in Orsa Municipality is rich in variation. In the southern part of the municipality, it is especially due to the meteorite that struck more than 360 million years ago and formed the Siljansringen ring of lakes and Orsasjön lake. The impact also caused wide variation in the soils, which in turn gave rise to large biological diversity and a richness of species in nature. There are many companies in the municipality that have focused on nature experiences and tourism is very important for the municipality.

A fine-tuned municipality.

Music has long been the municipality’s given identity. This comes to expression, among other things, through OrsaYran, the street music festival that fills Orsa will musicians every Wednesday in July and the first Wednesday in August. Folk musicians make a pilgrimage here from every corner of the country to play for – and with – each other, and for the large audience of tourists and music fans who visit Orsa.

The Orsa community is welcoming new inhabitants to the municipality. There are plenty of homes and business premises for everyone who want to work and live in Orsa.

Industries: Travel & Tourism, Wood, Leather and textiles
Main Town: Orsa
Villages: Skattungbyn
Airport: Distance to Mora Siljan Airport 25 kilometers
Roads & Highways: E 45
Railroad: Yes, Inlandsbanan (cargo only)
Broadband & Infrastructure: Well functioning
Power & Water Supply: Well functioning

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Municipality of Orsa
Enterprise and Development Office
Kyrkogatan 5, Orsa

Mr. Klaus Csucs
0046 250 552118

Key companies in Orsa