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A municipality with many years experience that bubbles with a belief in the future.

Hedemora was founded in 1446 and is Dalarna’s oldest city. The municipality can proudly claim Sweden’s oldest mine that is still in operation, many international companies and a well-visited speedway.

Most experienced, but yet the most modern in its class.

Today, Boliden Garpenberg in Hedemora Municipality is one of the world’s most modern mines, at the same time that it is Sweden’s oldest mining area still in operation. Zinc, lead, copper, silver and gold are extracted from the ore mined today. The operations are conducted with very high standards in terms of health, the environment and safety. Nobody should have to get hurt at work and the impact on the surrounding environment should be minimal.

“Researchers will study neutrinos and find out more about the origins of the universe.”

Hedemora Municipality has major dreams for the future concerning the mine. It involves an investment of SEK 7 billion – with a link to a large particle accelerator being built in Lund. It’s hoped that a facility will be built in the mine in Garpenberg where researchers will study so-called neutrinos and thereby find out more about the origins of the universe.

Engine noise a given in Hedemora.

The first TT race was held in 1933, a motorcycle race that in its heyday in the 1950s attracted more than 100,000 spectators annually. The last race was held at the end of the 1950s, but beginning in 1998, a demonstration version of the race has been held with vintage motorcycles. Automotive interests in the city live on and races in various motor sports are continuously arranged at the speedway.

One of the municipality’s many successful companies is called Drivetrain Sweden AB. The company, which was acquired in 2006 by the listed Engenco Ltd based in Australia, provides service and supplies spare parts for existing diesel engines around the world. The engines are found in locomotives, oil tankers, submarines, oil rigs and nuclear power plants. Large customers are the navies of Australia and Singapore, German MAN, Finnish Wärtsilä and the French railways.

In 2016, cooperation was initiated between PWR Racing Team and CTEK. PWR Racing Team is one of the largest forces in Swedish racing with investments in everything from formula car racing for juniors to GT and stock car racing. CTEK develops and manufactures battery chargers for all kinds of lead-acid batteries for both private and professional use. Their chargers are found in Ferrari cars, among others. The collaboration entails a major investment on a technological platform in Vikmanshyttan. The team’s new showroom and workshop will be built here together with CTEK’s new training and development center.

Sweden’s first ecomuseum

Husbyringen is Sweden’s first ecomuseum and is located in the naturally beautiful Hedemora Municipality. Husbyringen’s 60 kilometer long nature and culture path offers visitors the opportunity to experience unique industrial and cultural history sites, characterized by hard work in the ore mining of the time. Husbyringen extends along locations with exciting stories. Two of them are tied to some of Sweden’s largest inventor geniuses – Christopher Polhem who was active in Stjärnsund and Gustav de Laval at Klosters bruk.

The business community in Hedemora is diverse and is represented by many different businesses and companies. Altogether, there are around 1,500 companies in the municipality and the corporate climate is vibrant. The combination of beautiful nature and less than two hours to Stockholm makes this a perfect place to live and work.



Industries: Steel and mining, Health care, Retail
Main Town: Hedemora
Villages: Dala-Husby, Garpenberg, Långshyttan, Stjärnsund, Vikmanshyttan
Airport: Distance Dala Airport 35 kilometers
Roads & Highways: RV 70
Railroad: Yes, Dalabanan
Broadband & Infrastructure: Well functioning
Power & Water Supply: Well functioning

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Municipality of Hedemora
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Head of Business Development
Phone: 0046 225-340 00

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