World leader in advanced steel

The steel industry was historically a necessity in the formation of an industrial country. Today we are seeing how it is again playing an important role in building the society of tomorrow. Dalarna is playing a key role in this transformation.

Sweden’s steel companies continuously develop new steel grades and products. In many cases, Sweden is a world leader in the development and production of advanced steel. Around 90% of Swedish steel is exported to 150 countries. The total value of these exports amounted to SEK 41 billion in 2015.

Excellence in several fields

Within the segment of high-strength steel and special steel applications, the steel industry of Dalarna holds a dominant position. SSAB, a world-leading producer of high-strength steel, world-class stainless steel products of Outokumpu and the leading European producer of long special steel products, Ovako, are all found in Dalarna. The presence of world-class producers enables the continuous development of successful new segments. The region is at the forefront in the segments of roll forming and hydro forming of steel sheet for customers with exacting requirements on tailored designs.

Research & innovation

There is a strong and influential R&D center in steel in Dalarna. At Dalarna University, researchers are exploring applied industrial materials science with a focus on processing, metal forming and surface treatment technology. The development of tomorrow’s steel industry is the focus of 600 researchers and about 100 professors. Dalarna university offers a unique Master Program in Materials Sciences in industrial processes and product development, and the research comprises the fields of metal working, metal forming, tribology and surface engineering. The focus on industry collaboration and technology transfer enables new technologies and new applications to rapidly gain a foothold in the market.

Center of excellence

Triple Steelix is the leading innovative region in Europe for advanced steel, steel products, industrial service and processing. To achieve the position as the world-leading steel region, the basic idea has been for cooperation to take place between all stakeholders in the steel industry according to the triple helix model, including business, national authorities, municipalities and academia. Through Triple Steelix, companies get access to expertise and networks to develop successful products and services with a focus on advanced steel and forming.

Why Dalarna?

The steel industry has traditionally been one of Dalarna’s core industries as a result of the prosperous mining operations dating back centuries. The presence of world-class producers enables the continuous development of successful new segments. This success is based on the ability to continuously improve production processes and develop materials to make the steel lighter, more rigid and stronger to develop smart new products.

Please contact us for information about investment opportunities in Dalarna!

Please contact us for information about investment opportunities in Dalarna!

Center of excellence

Triple Steelix
Triple Steelix is a regional development initiative intended to further strengthen the already successful steel industry in the region through effective collaboration between the business sector, the local community and the world of research. The steel, metal and engineering industries in the Triple Steelix industrial region are on the leading edge in a market that is worldwide.


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