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In Säter, there is room for both small-scale farming and international exports.

Säter Municipality is embraced by fertile farm land and deep forests. Today, the municipality, which has historically been successful in the timber industry and farming, is home to both international companies and modern agricultural production.

A strong tradition of small enterprise characterizes business in the Municipality of Säter. There is a wide variation, and the business structure consists of many small companies.

The industries that stand out are the timber industry and agriculture, which have been strong over time.

An excellent geographical location in an expansive region

Säter municipality has a good geographic localization in the Southern part of Dalarna. Säter locates near the Stockholm region and the expansive Falun Borlänge region, which gives good conditions for the companies.

Säter municipality comprises four municipal areas: Säter central, Gustafs, Stora Skedvi and Silverberg. These have their characters and offer different conditions for entrepreneurship and accommodation. Eleven thousand people live in the municipality, about haft of which, live in the central area, contributing to a positive population development in the town.

A living town and countryside with a diversified mixture of companies and entrepreneurs.

Here in Säter, companies can establish either in town or the countryside. As a vibrant municipality, Säter offers favorable conditions for entrepreneurship to bloom and develop. Words such as entrepreneurship spirit, high quality, and locally produced form the characteristics of Säter’s business community. In Säter, there are, for example, companies with long traditions and history, companies which export their products worldwide and companies that use local conditions and opportunities, for example, to produce local food.

To live in Säter municipality means to live in a small-town idyll, in a village or in the countryside. Preschools and schools here offer excellent schooling as well as rich leisure life with many interesting activities. There are jobs both in the municipal parts and throughout the Falun-Borlänge region.

An exciting destination with rich culture and nature

Säter is home to rich culture and nature, and there is always something to do for both large and small. Säter’s inner city is one of the country’s most well-preserved wooden cities. Here, you can leisurely explore narrow streets and look into the small cosy shops – shop in peace and avoid the congestion and stress.

Säterdalen is a park area that attracts families from near and far. Here you can find natural beauty mixed with tropical greenery and various playgrounds, including a miniature of the wooden city of Säter.

There are also excellent hiking trails of varying lengths in the network of ravines, which offer a unique nature.

Silverringen is a cultural trail through Silvberg’s and Säter’s beautiful and exciting mining areas. Here, visitors can experience how many centuries of mining, in the form of mines, foundries and hammers, has historically shaped settlements in surroundings of natural beauty.

Industries: Wood, Agriculture, Building
Main Town: Säter
Villages: Gustafs, Silvberg, Stora Skedvi
Airport: Distance to Dala Airport Borlänge 20 kilometers
Roads & Highways: RV 70
Railroad: Yes, Dalabanan
Broadband & Infrastructure: Well functioning
Power & Water Supply: Well functioning

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