Forest-based bioeconomy

Dalarna has a long tradition and clear strategies for sustainable forestry, which go in line with national forestry strategies. Dalarna plays a critical role in forest product development, such as paper, packaging, furniture, and houses. Vast forests and high-quality timber ensure easy access to excellent raw materials, thus enabling Dalarna to lead the forest-based bioeconomy. Dalarna is the cradle of the Swedish bioeconomy with Stora Enso as one of the world’s oldest shareholding companies with a history deep-rooted in the heritage of the copper mine in Falun. Furthermore, Dalarna is home for many successful companies in this field such as Stora Enso, Setra Group, Bergkvist Siljan AB, ByggPartner and Fiskarhedenvillan AB.

There are potentials for testbeds and sustainable investment opportunities in the bioeconomy in Dalarna. These potentials include producing bio-based products using sawdust and the prospect of building with wood in sustainable construction. Stora Enso Fors Mill, in Avesta Dalarna, is a modern manufacturer of world-class carton boards, offering a range of folding boxboards. Last Autumn, Stora Enso Fors developed the first carbon-neutral carton board. At the beginning of this year, the company strengthened its commitment to sustainability by having its production line fully fossil-CO2 emission free.
Recently, Setra decided to invest in two new production lines at their existing production site in Långshyttan; one for building components and one for CLT, Cross Laminated Timber. Through this investment, Setra puts Dalarna on the map as the place for a technical centre for wood as building and construction material. Villazero – Sweden’s first carbon-neutral single-family house – is a great testbed example for building with wood with sustainable aspects. The project is a collaboration between Fiskarhedenvillan AB, Mondo arkitekter Dalarna AB and Structor Byggteknik Dalarna.

Please contact us for information about investment opportunities in Dalarna!

Please contact us for information about investment opportunities in Dalarna!

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