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The pearl of the lakes Ludvika is the world’s center of power.

The natural beauty of Ludvika with its 300 lakes makes it an attractive municipality in southern Dalarna. It offers a rich outdoor life and a thriving business climate where a great deal revolves around Hitachi Energy – a world-leading company in power and automation technology.

“There’s modern technology, research and development here.”

Ludvika is a growth municipality that exports around 65% of the value produced in the municipality, compared with the national average of just over 50%. The municipality is proud of its modern technology, research and development, and the global companies Hitachi Energy, STRI and High Voltage Valley make Ludvika an international center for power transmission. Ludvika also has Spendrups, one of Sweden’s largest breweries, and Säfsen Resort, which received the “TRIP Global Award”, for one of the five best experiences in Sweden for foreign visitors. Major new investments are being made at ABB and Spendrups, and the opening of several large iron ore mines is also being planned in Ludvika and Grängesberg.

Innovations for the power grids of tomorrow

Hitachi Energy is a world leader in power and automation technology. In Ludvika, engineers who are specialists in power transmission have been gathered from nearly 50 countries. The expertise, production resources, testing facilities and laboratories are here to be able to build the electric power grids of today and tomorrow. Hitachi Energy is investing in extensive research and development and has developed many revolutionary global innovations in power transmission over the years – innovations that make strong contributions to solving the world’s climate problems.

The brewery is founded on a century of tradition.

Spendrups is a family business that has been in operation for more than a century. Today, Spendrups consists of around 900 employees. It all actually began in Grängesberg in Ludvika where the Grängesberg Brewery was founded in 1897. Today, Spendrups brews a total of around 400 million liters of beverages a year in three breweries, where the brewery in Grängesberg accounts for the largest part of the production.

A paradise in both summer and winter.

Säfsen is an experience destination in Ludvika Municipality with activities year-round. The ski area has extensive facilities for children, adolescents and parents. Including 17 downhill slopes, six lifts, one conveyor belt, many kilometers of cross country tracks and loads of other fun snow activities. During the spring, summer and autumn, children and their families discover exciting experiences in nature, like mountain bike trails, 175 lakes for sports fishing, canoing, riding and hiking trails and the pride of the facility, the wilderness playground.  Säfsen also offers conferencing possibilities for up to 280 people, comfortable family cabins and restaurants with high culinary ambitions.

Industries: High voltage technology, Travel & tourism, Brewery
Main Town: Ludvika
Villages: Fredriksberg, Grangärde, Grängesberg, Nyhammar, Saxdalen, Sunnansjö, Säfsnäs
Airport: Distance to Dala Airport, Borlänge 50 kilometers
Roads & Highways: RV 66, RV 50
Railroad: Yes, Bergslagsbanan
Broadband & Infrastructure: Well functioning
Power & Water Supply: Well functioning

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Municipality of Ludvika
The Industrial Office

Mr. Erik Odens,
Cheif Industrial Officer
Phone: 0046 240 86 252

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