Bio economy by Dalarna
– we innovate by using old traditions

The forest industry including forestry and the manufacturing of timber goods, wood pulp, paper and board, is a corner stone of the Swedish economy and one of the more important players in the base industry of Sweden.

Sweden is one of the leading exporters in the world of forest products, up to 90% of the goods are exported. The long history of trading globally in a very competitive market, means that the forest products industry is very well acquainted with the customer and market demands on products and services. In recent years global megatrends such as global warming, population growth, and urbanisation are bringing about significant long-term changes around the world, and especially so for the forest industry. In practise this means that the industry are working proactively by developing products and technologies based on renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable materials.

This is very much mirrored for the industry in the region of Dalarna. The oldest company in the world, Stora Kopparberg AB was founded in 1288, and more or less laid the foundation for the development of the forest products industry in Dalarna. Today, the global company Stora Enso is an excellent representative of how old traditions and long experience within this area can form the base for new and innovative work.

Excellence in several fields

There is some very interesting work going on with regard to innovative solutions of product and process improvements, and a couple of illustrative examples are the wood products company Setra and the Blyberg saw mill, which is part of the Siljan group.

Setra made the decision to invest in two new production lines at their existing production site in Långshyttan; one for building components and one for CLT, Cross Laminated Timber. CLT is a very interesting and revolutionising building material since it is an excellent complement to e.g. concrete and steel. Through this investment Setra is putting Dalarna on the map as the place for a technical center for wood as building and construction material.

The saw mill Blyberg Timber AB specialises in small diameter timber with a diameter of up to about 20 cm. The products are e.g. wood for visible applications such as inner and outer panels, joinery and furniture production, and the mill is considered to be one of the most modern saw mills in northern Europe.

The bioeconomy in Dalarna consists of a vast network of organisations and companies within the area of forestry and forest products.

Bio economy at Dalarna University

The University of Dalarna conducts research within the areas of forestry, wood technology, technical and organizational systems in forestry, wood material science, bioenergy and in recent years this has been extended to integrate research related to sustainable and energy efficient building construction as well as the areas of solar and wind power. Research is conducted in close collaboration with major universities, both in Sweden and abroad.

Center of Excellence

The trade association for building companies, the cluster ”Byggdialog Dalarna” is a non-profit cluster organisation for the building industry, and the focus is to be at the forefront of sustainable development within the area of building andconstruction materials, as well as supporting and developing the building industry towards more sustainable building concepts.

Why Dalarna?

Dalarna is home to a large number of companies in the forest industry, covering the whole value chain from forestry to the finished goods. There are potentials for testbed and sustainable investment opportunities in the bioeconomy in Dalarna. These potentials include producing bio-based products using saw dust and potentials of building with wood in sustainable construction.

For those companies interested in learning more about the building and construction with wood, Dalarna a an excellent choice.

Please contact us for information about investment opportunities in Dalarna!

Please contact us for information about investment opportunities in Dalarna!

Center of excellence

ByggDialog Dalarna
A non-profit business cluster in the building and construction segment.

Key companies in Forest-based Bio economy