Global leader in electric power technology

In the late 1800s, industry had begun to electrify operations, but there was a serious shortage of reliable electric power equipment suppliers. As a result, Elektriska AB Magnet was founded, known today as Hitachi Energy, and is today a world leader in high voltage power transmission technology.

Hitachi Energy’s world leading position and the company’s presence in Ludvika promote the development and production of smart solutions in electric power technology necessary for an energy-efficient, sustainable future. Good examples of such solutions are SmartGrids and the development of tomorrow’s energy storage solutions.

Unique testing possibilities

Dalarna and Ludvika offer a unique testing arena for SmartGrid-solutions, located at STRI and developed in the High Voltage Valley-project SmartGrid – Energy storage. STRI is an accredited high-voltage laboratory with unique testing facilities for dielectric withstanding voltage, pollution, snow and ice, salt-fog and multi-stress testing. Dalarna and Ludvika are also home to the multivendor testing facility for IEC61850. STRI with its MicroGrid R&D platform enables testing of different SmartGrid applications with renewable electricity production, electric cars and energy storage.

Cutting-edge R&D

Through cooperation and projects with researchers from the cutting-edge universities in electric power engineering, important skills are tied to the region which are critical to maintaining and further developing the leading position currently held.

STRI was originally founded as a transmission research institute. Today, the company’s R&D activities have been extended to cover the complete T&D technology area as well as new technologies such as power quality and distributed energy resources. STRI is involved in several R&D and standardization projects to further develop power technology and its applications to provide “green” and efficient solutions such as cable testing and application, off-shore grid applications, energy storage and SmartGrid applications.

The technology cluster High Voltage Valley operates various strategic research projects such as SmartGrid Energy storage, as well as shorter, needs-based projects in close cooperation with the industry.

Center of excellence

High Voltage Valley is a world leading technology cluster and a neutral platform for collaboration between companies, universities and public actors on issues important to securing and further developing the region’s position as the global leader in electric power engineering. This is done by integrating world-leading expertise in technology, openness and internationalization with a local presence.

Why Dalarna?

Ludvika has historically been a pioneer in energy and electric power technology and high voltage. This has attracted businesses and key players in the industry to establish operations in Ludvika and Dalarna. The unique test arena, with the world’s best and most advanced testing capabilities and cooperation between key players in the industry, allows for continued innovation and maintained global competitiveness.

Please contact us for information about investment opportunities in Dalarna!

Please contact us for information about investment opportunities in Dalarna!

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Center of excellence

High Voltage Valley
High Voltage Valley is a cluster initiative with the purpose of further developing the region’s global leading position in electric power technologies. Its mission is to be an arena where different actors and competencies cooperate to develop tomorrow’s technologies and companies in electric power engineering.

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